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Name Change

Roller Photography Gets Its New Name

After 13 years of successful operation, Michael Bradfield Photography has a new name: Roller Photography. “We’ve changed it to reflect the fact that the business isn’t just one person but a team that provides complete image solutions to our clients,” says Michael Bradfield, who’s worked out of the Surry Hills studio with the big roller door as it’s front entrance, more than a decade ago.

With a client list including major brands, corporate, online business and property clients, as well as smaller niche businesses – other than the re-naming – it’s business as usual for the fully-fitted Roller Photography studio in Lacey Street.

“Nothing else has changed and that’s because our existing clients tell us that we’ve got it right,” says Michael.

“Many photography businesses just turn up and take the photos, but our culture at Roller sees us behave as an extension of their business. Whether it’s concept development, post-production or working with their people, every client gets their own quality management system to ensure consistency and the best end results.

“Basically, it boils down to providing a good service, which I think we do pretty well”. It’s one of the reasons why Roller’s clients both large and small keep coming back.

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