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Roller Photography excels in producing imagery that links the central idea and USPs of a property development into visual concepts that sell. Click here to see our property portfolios


When Roller Photography came to this Southern Highlands development, it was having an identity crisis. Having been through two agencies before, Roller Photography was part of the collaboration that completely rethought its brand experience and helped turn it into one of Landcom’s star performers.

Honing in on the desirability of the Southern Highlands lifestyle to create the foundation “Find your…” slogan, Roller Photography then executed a new and fresh visual direction which, to date, has helped see all of Renwick’s land releases sell out.

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East Village

When East Village came to Roller Photography, it was lacking an identity. Landcom wanted a concept that would stand above the standard housing development so it was aligned the character of the 1,300-lot scheme to the popularity of food and lifestyle television shows. For Landcom it created an imagery platform across print, web, radio and marketing that it now uses as an example of a new direction in land development marketing.

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